CRB Capital Markets Fixed Deposits / Bonds Refund procedure (1996 issue)

There is a public notice dated 28/04/2011 issued by the Chairman of Disbursement Committee of  CRB Capital Markets Ltd. giving details of how investors of CRB capital markets can get refund of their investments.

The conditions are …
(1) Only investments less than 50,000 will be refunded
(2) Only principal will be refunded (not interest)
(3) The claimant has to be in the list of admitted FD / Bond Holders

The list can be obtained / downloaded at Official liquidator of Delhi High Court page, click on links to excel files in entries 13 , 14 and 15 (most investors will fall in to list 15)

The documents to be submitted are  :

1.Original Fixed Deposit Receipt / Bond duly discharged
(In case FD Receipt / Bond has already been submitted, please attach proof of 
2.Proof of identity in the shape of copy of Voter ID Card / PAN Card / Passport
3.Bank account details

The documents are to be sent at the working office of the committee which is :

CRB Capital Markets Ltd.
Disbursement Committee

13, Panchkuin Road (Backside),
 New Delhi-110001. 

email of the committee