LIC Housing Finance Limited


FD Issuer: LIC Housing Finance Limited
Interest rates effective date:  01/12/2015
Period available


Interest Payment Frequencies Interest Rates Minimum Investment Amount
12 Annually 8.25 10,000
18 Annually 8.25 10,000
24 Annually 8.35 10,000
36 Annually 8.40 10,000
60 Annually 8.50 10,000
*0.10 extra interest for Senior Citizen on deposits Upto Rs.50,000 ; 0.25 Extra Interset for Senior Citizen on Deposits of above Rs.51,000.
Cheque/DD in favour of: “ LIC Housing Finance Limited  – Public Deposit A/C “ and marked “ Account Payee only “ payable at the city in which selected office of the company are located.
Documents required:

1.Application form signed

2.Copy of PAN card

3.Cheque in favour of

4.Address Proof


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