DSP BlackRock Equal Nifty 50 Fund

Mutual Fund DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund
Scheme Name DSP BlackRock Equal Nifty 50 Fund
Objective of Scheme To invest in companies which are constituents of NIFTY 50 Equal Weight Index (underlying Index) in the same proportion as in the index and seeks to generate returns that are commensurate (before fees and expenses) with the performance of the underlying Index. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be realized.
Scheme Type Open Ended
Scheme Category Growth
New Fund Launch Date 29-Sep-2017
New Fund Earliest Closure Date 13-Oct-2017
New Fund Offer Closure Date 13-Oct-2017
Indicate Load Seperately Entry Load: Not Applicable The upfront commission on investment made by the investor shall be paid to the ARN Holder directly by the investor, based on the investor’s assessment of various factors including service rendered by the ARN Holder. Exit Load : Nil Note: No exit load shall be levied in case of switch of investment from Regular Plan to Direct Plan and vice versa.
Minimum Subscription Amount Rs. 1,000/– and any amount thereafter
For Further Details Please Visit Website www.dspblackrock.com

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